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30A Real Estate Stats August 2022

We are continuing to see a shift in the 30A real estate market from a seller's market to a buyer's market.  We have all seen the news reports of a real estate cool down on a national level and 30A is definitely affected.  The median sales price is still up over last year, but the median list price has trended downward to $1,500,000 from the high of $1,749,000 in June.  We are also seeing a major rise in days on market over just a few months ago.

In summary, August saw a decline of -31.8% in the number of sold residential listings on 30A over August of 2021.  Actually, this is an improvement over last month (July).  Last month we were down -42%.  The median sales price in August was actually up +33.3%.  In most…

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Real Estate Stats on Hwy 30A - July 2022

In my opinion, the 30A Real Estate market has officially cooled off.  30A is definitely seeing the effects of rising interest rates, negative housing reports, and slowing demand.  The slow down is creating some good buying opportunities as well as list price reductions;  however, we are still seeing increased prices year over year.  It appears that real values based on comps are still stable, but sellers that are looking for unrealistic prices with no support from comps are seeing continued days on market. 

In summary, July has seen the highest year over year decrease in number of sold transactions with the number of sales down -44%.  During July of 2021 there were 207 "residential sales" on 30A and in July…

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Current Real Estate Statistics on Hwy 30A - June 2022

There seems to be a shift in the 30A Real Estate market.   The number of sales has been down year over year for the last 6 months.  Prices are still increasing but at a steadier pace. June was the lowest year over year median sales price increase at 6.7% year to date.  The key takeaway is that the median sales price is up 6.7% year over year, but the median list price is up a whopping 45.4% year over year.  In my opinion, this explains the many price reductions on 30A.

Below are some interesting statistics showing exactly where the 30A real estate market is today.  We pulled numbers for homes, condos, and townhouses.  These numbers represent transactions in the 30A area South of Hwy 98 from Dune…

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Current Real Estate Statistics on Hwy 30A - May 2022

On a national level we are seeing an obvious real estate market shift.  Some of the larger corporate brokerages are laying off employees and our social media feeds are full of articles regarding a real estate slowdown.  So what does this mean for the Hwy 30A Real Estate Market?  Let's not speculate and play guessing games, as all real estate markets are different and our local market cannot be solely judged by national numbers. 

Below are some interesting statistics showing exactly where the 30A real estate market is today.  We pulled numbers for vacant land, homes, condos, and townhouses.  These numbers represent transactions in the 30A area South of Hwy 98.

30A Real Estate Statistics May 2022…

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The Hwy 30A Real Estate market is currently on fire.  This is the best real estate market that I have ever seen and I have been licensed since 1997.  Many of the popular properties are going under contract with 1 day on the market.  This can be frustrating for many buyers because they are from out of town and often cannot move fast enough.  We have a formula that can help buyer's during this challenging market.  Below are some tips to help you achieve success in acquiring a 30A property.

  • Auto Updates - We can set you up to be automatically updated when a property within your criteria hits the market.  This will enable you to move fast and get your offer in immediately.  JOIN DEAL ALERT to get set up on auto-updates today.
  • Get Pre Approved - If…
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We have lived on the Emerald Coast for over 20 years, and I have enjoyed many of the amazing activities that 30A has to offer.  I often have friends visit the area, and they ask me what my favorite activities are.  Below is a list of my favorites, and I hope you find it helpful.  Of course the obvious #1 attraction is the Gulf of Mexico but below are some other fun activities that I think you will enjoy.

  1. Visit the Red Bar in Grayton Beach, FL on Sunday for live music during brunch and dinner, excellent food, and a killer vibe.  https://theredbar.com/
  2. Stop by Seaside, FL and do some shopping and dining, and be sure to watch the sunset at the rooftop bar at Bud and Alleys in Seaside. https://www.budandalleys.com/
  3. Take an easy fishing charter off…
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As a 30A real estate brokerage, we enjoy working with 1031 exchange buyers and sellers.  We have successfully helped many of our customers complete successful 1031 exchange transactions, and we have a great system.  Below are some tips and facts about 1031 "like kind" exchanges for properties on the Emerald Coast of Florida.

  • Please consult with an attorney and/or tax expert to make sure a 1031 is the best strategy for you and your specific situation.  The amount of profit from the sale, depreciation, and other items will dictate whether or not the expense of a 1031 is worth the benefit.
  • You must hire a 1031 intermediary to hold the funds from the initial property sale.  You can never have access to the 1031 proceeds.  Your title company or…
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The 30A Area offers many excellent investment opportunities.  I often receive phone calls from buyers and investors asking me which rental properties in our area offer positive cash flow?  The answer is... almost all properties offer positive cash flow on cash purchases and only a select few do when financing is involved. 

Positive cash flow on a cash purchase is very easy to achieve as you only have to cover expenses like property taxes, insurance, utilities, landscaping, rental management fees, and general maintenance.   It begins to get more difficult when trying to cash flow a 30A property with a mortgage, due to the debt service.

A very small percentage of properties on the Emerald Coast can offer positive cash flow with a standard 20% down…

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